Kaitoke School - Great Barrier Island

whaia ki te teitei - aim high

Kaitoke School - Great Barrier Island

Kaitoke School - Great Barrier Island

Welcome to Kaitoke School

Our school motto Whaia Ki Te Teitei means Aim High in whatever we do.

The three hills on our logo are our maunga (mountains).

They are Pitokuku, Te Ahumata and Hikarimata (Mt. Hobson).

The recollections and memories at our thirtieth reunion reflected the energy that the school has held onto in the past and presently.


From The Principal

We have just celebrated our thirtieth birthday and were fortunate to have had Mr. Ben Sanderson who provided the land that Kaitoke School now stands on and Winnie Blackwell one of the original staff to cut the ribbon. A diverse group of ex students, teachers, and community members helped make the day a celebration of our past.

The original Kaitoke School was where the Health Centre now stands, the present school was opened in 1988 by David Lange with the vision that it could one day become an Area School hence the very large grounds.

We have a supportive school community and Board Of Trustees that values learning and the welfare of our tamariki.

This year we also welcome a fenced Tiger Turf Netball and half basketball court which is being well utilised.

Despite being relatively isolated, older students have the opportunity to learn foreign languages on line, utilise the local Hillary Outdoors Centre and have Outdoor Education experiences that would rival most schools on the mainland.

Staff work very well together and are able to build positive relationships with the pupils and their families due to the size of the school and stability and quality of staffing.

We offer programmes for those children that need an extra hand including Reading Recovery and the S.P.E.L.D. programme.

The Board Of Trustees ensures we have plenty of Teachers Aides where needed.

A unique feature of the Island is that the Great Barrier Community nurtures all the youngsters on the Island.

  • Swimming Sports are competed for in the bay at Mulberry Grove School.
  • Matariki is celebrated at the Community Art Gallery attracting a large proportion of the Island’s population.
  • Sports days are held regularly between the Island schools.
  • There’s a Soccer, Netball, Surfing, and Art Club, Touch Rugby every week at the Sports Club.
  • Our Year Sevens and Eights join the Youth Group.
  • Some of the older students spend their time doing the Hunts Course focusing on bush craft.

Kaitoke is an enjoyable place to teach and learn.

We welcome visitors and prospective families and invite you to come along and experience our school.

Leo de Beurs – Principal

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